A peek at what’s happening at A …

Hurray the snow is gone, we can finally get down to the business of growing flowers! I haven’t been completely idle whilst it’s been freezing but, there is only so…

Happy Mother’s Day.

Experimenting with soap making

Gardening jobs for March.

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New garden design.

Hello, It will soon be spring, my favourite time of year! I love the newness of it all, the endless possibilities and the extra light it brings, it’s also the…

New items in store.

Vintage china hire.

Spring bouquet for Mothers Day.

Gardening jobs for February.

  Hello, Welcome to our newest blog category: Gardening jobs. In these posts I will share with you all the jobs you can be doing in your garden and on…

January on my flower plot.

My first year as a flower farmer.

New Year Plans