The team

A Bunch Of Wild est. 2016

Meet the team.


My name is Emma Connolly, I create all the arrangements and wreaths from the garden studio. My background is in interior styling and I find flowers are a key ingredient to setting off your home. I trained as an interior designer before learning floristry with The Cambridge Flower School. After this my husband and I learned how to be flower farmers with Green and Gorgeous.

My style is very country and I like to use a seasonal palette when putting together flowers. I’m not a fan of bright red flowers so you won’t find me using them, not even on valentines day!

I’m also an artist and you can find my ceramics and other works in my online store.

My husband Richard sees to all the planting and growing our flowers. He is a fabulous gardener and is always a great one to ask for plant advice!

Meet the chickens, they are in charge of slug control and preparing the soil.

And lastly here is Purdey, she oversees pretty much everything and is an excellent companion when you’re potting up in the greenhouse.