A Wreath Is Not Just For Christmas

Dried botanical wreath

Hello my dear flower loving friends,

I love a good wreath don’t you… So I thought I’d share some of my favourites that I’ve made over the years.

The original wild wreath! I made this one years ago and it has remained a firm favourite with clients and fellow florists. It’s inspired many a wild looking wreath over the past five years.

Wild Wreath By A Bunch Of Wild
Dried Floral Wreath

The pastel and earthy toned dried creation that is now in fashion at the moment. I love making these from my garden flowers and left overs from arrangements or pieces I’ve picked up off my walks over the woods.

Hoop Wreath By A Bunch Of Wild

The simplistic one. I created a series of these back in 2019 when we had the shop in Ampthill, they went down like hot cakes! Great for when you’re done with the fussy and just wanting something elegant.

The blossom branch. I love making these. This one i used foraged twigs from the woodland floor and blossom sprigs from my local shop.

Dried Botanical Wreath By A Bunch Of Wild

The edgy one and now sooooo in season darling!

Wild wreath

The first one… and the structure I love! This stayed up for a couple of years in my house.

So there we have it. A glimpse at some of my favourites I’ve made over the years. Hope that’s left you inspired to try something new.

Emma x


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