My favourite month of them all

Hello my dear flower loving friends, how are you?

It’s September, a month I always welcome with open arms. The days are golden and mellow with a wonderful ethereal light and the mornings have that beautiful silky mist. I’m making the most of these warm mornings and having my early coffee in the garden before I start the day.

Right now- we have a glut of runner beans, apples and raspberries, and the dahlias and cosmos continue to bloom. When I’m over the fields in the morning there are a ton of blackberries and cobnuts beginning to ripen. We had the first apple and blackberry pie last week, something I’ll never tire of… wish I could say the same about the beans, if I see another bean…

Right now I’m enjoying the relaxed vibe that September brings, everything seems to be slowing down a little. I’ve a stack of flowers to cut for drying, but I’m so torn right now as they are looking so pretty in the garden. I’ve been moving my studio space into my conservatory so I have more working light. And I’ve been enjoying creating vases out of clay and painting in oils. I’m off for a solo painting trip to Suffolk next month and I am so excited!

We’re nearing autumnal wreath making time too, you’ve probably seen hundreds of tutorials but I’ll share mine with you when the time comes as its nice to see a mixture and get inspiration. I’m going all out on a harvest one this year and i fancy making a big beautiful mess! I’ll be ditching wire and going for twisted twigs and biodegradable twine, I’ve really gone off wire, even chicken wire, if we’re going to make things sustainable then lets do it properly and look to use natural elements for structure.

Penhill Watermelon Dahlias & Orache.

And lastly, a visit from some of the animals.

Enjoy September.

Emma xx


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