The Healing Power Of Plants.

There is nothing like gardening to bring peace to the body and soul.

This year has seen the biggest changes to my humble business but, I’m pleased to say- growing things is still at the very heart of A Bunch Of Wild.

I don’t want this to be a post that dwells on this year, so instead I will start as I mean to go on by talking to you of the joy of flowers and what my next steps are for 2021.

A Bunch Of Wild has turned on its head that many times that I’ve lost count. What started out as a business growing cut flowers for market has changed a great deal. We have continued to grow and blossom over the years. Twisting towards the sun and coping with change. This year was the year that changed my views entirely and I couldn’t be more excited… You see, all that really matters is life isn’t it! Being fit and healthy. And the thing that has brought me and my hubby the greatest joy and the sense of much needed calm has been our garden. I adore flowers-obviously but, it runs deeper than simply growing a bloom for cutting. You see when I was just fourteen I worked at one of the first Aveda salons in the UK. Aveda is a natural skin care brand based largely on botanicals. It was working in this industry that got me really hooked on growing flowers for skincare and wellbeing. After failing miserably at my GCSEs I went on to study hair & beauty & my specialist subject in year three was aromatherapy. I took to it like a duck in water but I’m afraid my career path took me down the hairdressing route as this was such a long time ago and aromatherapy wasn’t as big a deal as it is now… basically there wasn’t any jobs. So there we are, a lot has since changed, plants are the base for so many things now. And this is the direction I am now taking A Bunch Of Wild, I’m going back to my roots. Growing herbs for wellbeing and documenting my work on here with you. I shall be looking at how a garden heals us emotionally and the strength that plants can bring to our day to day lives.

I’m also hopeful that workshops can commence in 2021! I will be taking classes on mindfulness with flowers, be it an arrangement, botanical pressings in clay and making simple skin care.

Last year I experimented with making aromatherapy soaps. This year I’m going to be growing my own herbs and showing you how to make your own skincare from the garden.

We shall be redesigning our garden at The Haven yet again. I want to put in a good area for entertaining surrounded by prairie style planting to encourage more wildlife. The seating will be in the centre so you can feel immersed within the garden.

I’m going to be growing flowers that have maybe become forgotten or fallen out of favour. Dahlias will no longer take to the stage as the main act (although I will keep a few). I shall be turning one of the beds over to grow herbs for medicinal use, cooking and for skincare. My husband laughed kindly as its a bit of a running joke that I’m a white witch… My great grandparents were bargees, yes a narrow boat is still on my wish list.

Planning a garden always brings with it hope and a promise of new life. This winter I have really noticed a distinct lack of beauty, it’s a summer garden you see, it’s been used for the past few years for my cut flowers so it’s mainly given joy from March till October. As we are stepping away from the cut flower industry we are able to think about how we want the garden to work for us. We grew lots more vegetables this year and intend to grow just as many this year. And then there are the extra herbs that I want to use, they will go in with the veggies. As for the main frame of the garden, well we want something that still looks beautiful and enticing in winter. I would really love to enjoy the garden all year round so we will be planting more grasses, perovskia and echinacea to name a few. I want to bring year round structure to the garden. Most of the roses have been moved into containers this year as they just didn’t like our dry soil. Instead of fighting it and keep adding organic matter, we’ve decided to just go with it and plant things that love dry conditions such as Mediterranean herbs. These already thrive in our garden.

I’m looking forward to making my own skincare again and I shall use the blog to publish my recipes so you can join in and make your own too. I hope to spread a little bit of joy by sharing my homemade remedies and crafts. I’m also excited to share my love of essential oils with you all, I finally feel like I’m coming home now with A Bunch Of Wild. It’s always important to follow your passion and see where it leads you. It’s also OK to change direction, never be afraid of change! It’s scary and exhilarating and you know you’re alive. Step off the path, stop following others and see what you find… A rule I’ve always played to with my choice of flowers. This year I am looking forward to growing more cosmos. Yes, cosmos. An underrated little gem of a flower that gives and gives right up until the first frosts. It’s not fashionable (yet) but I love them, the way they twist and bend then the pops of colours they bring. I actually find them quite ethereal.

This year has been a wonderful break really. I am an introvert so have found the quiet a sense of relief. It also enabled me to concentrate on my art and work full time on my ceramics which I have loved.

This year I will continue to work as a full time ceramicist and the garden will turn back into my hobby as will the blog. Please don’t panic though as I love teaching and will continue to host workshops in 2021! In fact, something I really want to do (when we can) is host wellbeing classes 1-1 or in small groups.

So that’s about it for this year… lots of soul searching and now ready for a new adventure.

I shall kick off the new year with a recipe for my favourite face mask so make sure you are subscribed to the blog for that.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Emma xx


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