How I make my garden gathered jam jar posies.

Hello dear friends,

I was making up my arrangements for this week’s farmers market and thought I’d document in pictures how I put together my jam jar arrangements using my garden flowers.
My daughter is still pestering me to turn my blog into a YouTube channel. She’s about to start a graphics course so maybe I can challenge her to the task of being my producer. Anyway… until I figure out such techniques for videography we’ll just make do with photos- I hope that’s ok!

Always start with cleaning your buckets thoroughly! I can not stress how important this is. If there is any bacteria lurking then your flowers will die prematurely. Give them a good scrub then fill with clean tepid water. Garden flowers don’t like to be plunged into ice cold water, it gives them a nasty shock.

Always pick flowers either early in the morning or last thing in the evening. I prefer morning pickings when their sugar content is at its highest. Leave somewhere cool and out of direct light for at least an hour so they can have a good drink and recover before you start arranging them.

Start by adding the foliage first, I call this ‘greening up’. It provides the base in which the flowers will sit and holds them snug. Here, I’ve used my favourite herbs and some leylandii… love it or loath it it makes a fabulous base and has a wonderful texture.

After the greenery I start to build some colour into it, starting with other types of foliage in a contrasting hue.

This is the time I also consider height and start adding some pops of colour like the pale blue/lilac of the Russian Sage above. When I’m happy with my base I then start to focus on my showstoppers, the main act of the bouquet, this September its all about the Cafe au lait! My favourite dahlia. Every year I try new ones and every year I come back to this one.

Add one to three statement flowers depending on size. As this is just a jam jar I’m only using one so as to keep the balance right.

I then start to add all my little fillers… the backing singers. At this time of the year I’m using cosmos, scabious and achillea. I also incorporate seed heads and dried elements like grasses.

When I’m just about done I’ll have one last turn around the garden to see if anything else catches my eye. This time it was some dried achillea that just looked so autumnal and lovely.

To create a similar look when you don’t have a garden then I’d suggest buying your statement flower from the local florist and then go out foraging for foliage and seed heads.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful!

If you’d like to purchase one of these bouquets then you can find my stall at Woburn Sands farmers market this Saturday (12/09/20). I’m there every month and it’s always held on the second Saturday of the month.

Emma xx


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