The garden in May

photos from the garden this week.

Hello dear friends,

As always, my weekly snaps from the garden are photo heavy… it’s all about the visuals!

I had great fun this week playing with coir blocks that you sprinkle with water and watch it transform into compost before your eyes! Love this idea! Fabulous space saver too. Find out more at Fertile Fibre

The mr made this table out of scaffolding years ago. He re-made it this week into a slightly smaller one. I’ve since moved the furniture around up here and I’m loving having more space under the wisteria.

The peonies have started blooming. They were full of promise for so long then one hot day they just exploded into a mass of frilly petals. The scent is unbelievable too! If I had more space, I would grow lots more!

The summerhouse is still waiting for me to paint the inside and make it nice in there. But I have to say I’m rather liking the outside of it, it’s fitted in much better now, looks far more organic!

I could keep going… I took so many photos this week! But I’ll you get on with your day xx


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