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Creating thoughtful art inspired by nature.

Hello dear friends,

How are you getting on?

Lockdown is so different for each of us isn’t it?… I know i’m perfectly content being at home and stepping out to walk the dog but for others it is a challenge every single day.

Apart from being an introvert, I was pondering over how we were doing as a family and it seems the key thing is being creative! The mr has been making bird boxes, my eldest daughter has been sewing and my youngest is in to her digital art. As for myself, I turn to paint and clay when I’m not in the garden. I find the process grounds me and is very still. I still use my garden for inspiration and I’ve been working on some new ceramic wall hangings.

These pieces are now finishing in the kiln as I write. I’ve picked out the print from the flowers in shades of green and finished it with a light gloss glaze. I’m now on the hunt for something beautiful to thread through the top so they can be hung up. I’ll share more pics with you when they come out the kiln.

You could try something similar with air dry clay. Give it a good kneading then roll into a ball, flatten it slightly and roll it out to about a centimetre in thickness. Choose some blooms from the garden and gently place on top, roll lightly over with a rolling pin and very gently peel the flowers/leaves away. Let me know how you get on wont you, you can leave me a comment on my Instagram.

Emma x


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  1. May 15, 2020 / 5:11 pm

    I just happen to have air dry clay left from last year xmas craft project with my son 🙂 I shall try this 🙂
    Question is though would i need to glaze it then?

    I believe you mentioned ribbons are from liberty? I keep being on look out for flowy silk ribbons so if you know a small supplier, i d love to explore as i d like to use it in table styling 🙂

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