Saturday snaps from the garden.

The light was just perfect this morning for some garden photography!

Hello my dear friends,

This is turning into a regular thing… Saturday snaps from the garden. I hope you like it! This morning the light was just right and the garden had sent some lovely blooms up overnight, the wisteria in particular is looking lovelier by the day.

Anyway, enough of my rambling…

I shall be very gently pottering today as my back is not quite back to normal. I still have two whole beds to prepare for annuals but all I can do right now is just ponder over them, oh well.

On other news I shall be opening my garden gate flower stall soon! Possibly next week, I’ll be posting on Instagram when I do. Plus I’ve just ordered some gorgeous new gardening stock for my online shop! Can’t wait to see it and style it for you to see ?

Enjoy the weekend x


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