A Bunch Of Wild pop-up flower stall at Woburn.

Woburn farmers market.

Hello dear friends,

What a difference a few days makes, it’s hard to believe that on Sunday we were at Woburn farmers market selling flowers and now we’ve just had the news of school closures. It’s utterly surreal. My husband and I have decided to minimise contact with others as much as possible. I’ve now stopped working, I’m still making ceramics and painting but I don’t expect anyone to buy them right now. Instead I’m turning my attention entirely to our garden in the hope that when this is all over, I will of created a haven for you to come and visit.

I’m pretty excited as the new greenhouse arrives next week. Thank goodness as I was starting to panic about where to put all my seeds.

I shall start taking photos of the garden and what we’re doing so I can share them with you.

In the meantime here’s a few pics from the farmers market and making up posies in the garden.

Emma xx


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