First week in our new shop.

Our little courtyard plant nursery.
Garden wreath dried and made by A Bunch Of Wild.
A very happy man and his plant.

Well hello dear friends,

So here we are, the first week done and it was mind blowing in so many ways! It took me on a rollercoaster journey of being worried, terrified then filled with pure joy and excitement. I love, love, love this little shop and I am so pleased we’ve done it!

When I first had the idea of opening a British flower shop I had this image in my head of what it would be like and I also knew that I wanted it to be more than just flowers. With a background in interior design and styling (and being a potter) it seemed perfect to put the two together to offer beautiful homeware along with plants and seasonal arrangements all wrapped up in a very Dickensian looking store. I wanted the whole look and feel to be one of pure magic and I think we’ve achieved just that judging from what you’ve told us.

We are trialling opening hours and days at the moment and this week we will be open Thursday to Sunday.

See you soon.

E & R


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