NGS Open gardens

The rain held off last Sunday for us to enjoy the amazing open gardens at Serge Hill in Bedmond, Hertfordshire. There were two adjoining gardens open with the NGS (National Garden Scheme) The Mr and I have visited some amazing gardens through the scheme, they are great for having an allowed peek around some hidden gems! Usually a fan of visiting National Trust, over the years we’ve been to the odd NGS but this year we’ve decided to go to every one we can. Its great to see how other people do their gardens and we always come away inspired and wanting to recreate snippets in our own garden. Anyway I have to apologise for forgetting my proper camera but hey I had my trusty phone so I did manage to take some snaps to share with you.

We had a little surprise when we got there as one of the gardens belonged to a garden designer that had a garden at Chelsea last month.

Oh I do love a pale blue chipped door don’t you.

Greenhouse goals! Oh how I wish I could be that tidy, look how gorgeous it looks, I just love everything about it.

Boarders were absolutely rammed with perennials and biennials, there simply wasn’t any space for weeds. Thats my kind of gardening!

House goals! I wish. Oh I do love a painted blue window frame against white walls, there is something very pleasing about it.

I hope you’ve been able to take something away from some of my pics. We’re so ready to move next year and start another garden, I can’t wait.



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