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Hello my flower loving friends,

It’s been a while since I shared a little behind the scenes post of how I run A Bunch Of Wild. When I started out back in 2016 all I knew was that I wanted to grow flowers and I wanted people to enjoy them. Since then I have covered most areas of a flower growing business. Helped largely by my husband, we have grown flowers and styled them for weddings and events. Grown specific types of flowers for brides, seen many a farmers market, started supplying our local gift shop, we were the original flower stall in Ampthill before moving to selling cut flowers from our garden gate and arranging posies for parties. It has been eventful and has quite literally changed with the seasons. Change is good in any business, you have to change to stay ahead! And of course priorities change and things can also happen that you have absolutely no control over, for us it’s mostly the weather. But the end of last year/beginning of this one saw a different sort of stumbling block.

So at the end of last year we decided to move house, we needed more space to grow things and I wanted somewhere where I could do my workshops away from the house but still on site. We found a lovely cottage and negotiations started. As a move was on the cards I hadn’t started off any seeds and was winding things down to move our cutting garden. You can guess where this is heading, it all went wrong and we didn’t end up moving, not only that but I had put the garden to rest so it also meant we had no spring flowers for sale. It was quite a low point for us emotionally.

I needed some time to reflect! Before starting A Bunch Of Wild I was into designing and painting, and whilst we were figuring out how to move forward I took some time out to enjoy painting again and set up my ceramics studio in my garden. As the garden started to wake up I used the surviving plants as inspiration and created a range of ceramic bud vases for spring blooms, these sold like hot cakes! I then went on to paint some abstract florals once again inspired by my garden, you loved these also. It started to become pretty clear that although we are still waiting to move my heart is still firmly in love with flowers and my business and whilst at that moment I couldn’t supply many flowers I had unknowingly branched out. A Bunch Of Wild is so much more then when I first started out, it’s now the umbrella company for my design business.

Fallen Peonies. Abstract painting by Emma Connolly

So, what’s next….

Well, the move has been put on hold till next year. I have started to catch up in the garden and the garden gate is now open. As we are still gearing up to move somewhere bigger a lot of our plants are being divided up which means we also have a plant stall as well as cut flowers. We hope to start house/garden hunting again after christmas as we really need a bit of a break. And fingers crossed next year we will be busy not only moving house but developing a lovely big cutting garden where A Bunch Of Wild can continue to flourish. I’m dreaming of day parties where you can come and pick your own flowers and go home with an arrangement, rows upon rows of sweet peas and home made cake, bliss!

This year we are concentrating on growing perennial plants for sale and for our new garden. My love of vintage has also inspired me to produce a range of container gardens in vintage or vintage style planters, these are for sale through Minchin and May in Woburn. I also make dried and fresh wreaths which they also stock.

My design business continues to grow (all inspired by flowers of course). I am producing some fine art prints of botanical photographs that I have taken. My ceramic collection is growing and I am now making little bowls and plates which sit nicely along with my vases for styling your home grown blooms. Lastly I am currently creating a range of abstract floral paintings which will be printed on cushions and homeware.

This little blog will continue as a journal through the seasons and I hope will inspire you to start growing your own flowers and create your own floral masterpiece, maybe you’ll even start your own business inspired by flowers (let me know if you do, I love hearing your stories).

I hope you’ve found this post helpful as it shows good things are never easy but you should never give up, sometimes a little change in direction is all that is needed.

Emma x


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