Late autumn flowers that will take you into winter.

Hello my dear flower loving friends, last year after the dahlias went I was so sad 😞 I missed having no big blooms to bring indoors. I’d got some little garden chrysanthemums growing and they were quite cheerful although not great for cutting, but it got me thinking about varieties that could work. I wanted something equally as showy as the dahilas so I did some research and bought 3 tiny plug plants of indoor chrysanthemums, when they got a little bigger I then took cuttings of those too so I’d doubled my stock. The only downside of indoor chrysanthemums is well… they live indoors. You’d probably be ok with either a mild winter in the greenhouse or a really powerful greenhouse heater but they are best grown in a conservatory. Mine are in my greenhouse at the moment but I shall be bringing them in to my lean to very soon. Of course there are varieties that don’t need to be inside, have a look through the Sarah Raven catalog as she always has good pictures and descriptions, although she’s incredibly expensive so it may be worth just googling the variety you like or calling your local plant nursery who may be able to help you. It’s always worth trying to find a local nursery and I don’t mean a commercial garden centre, I’m talking about little nurseries where things are grown, divided and tended to with love. The people behind these businesses have a wealth of knowledge and work incredibly hard. These little businesses often use word of mouth and little sign posts so be vigilant when driving around and ask your gardener friends if they know of any. It’s always best to support local businesses.

If you have any questions about these chrysanthemums or growing them please leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as best as I can.

Happy gardening.


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