My 10 must have cut flowers.

My 10 must have flowers in my garden for cutting.

Taking into account when flowers bloom and the form they take, here are my absolute must haves every year!

Tulips, I love the peony and parrot types, choose wisely and have them blooming from the end of March till the end of May.

Dahlias, in particular cafe au lait (still my favourite). For the flower that blooms late into the year and just keeps coming. I love their showiness!

Zinnias, oh the colours! These jewel like flowers have the most amazing structure and last ages in the vase. They mix incredibly well with dahlias.

Cornflowers, I love the old fashioned blue ones, they give charm to cottage garden bouquets and make a beautiful dried flower.

Roses, oh for the love of roses, my favourite flower of all. I love old fashioned varieties with a heady scent. I grow a mixture of David Austin classics and old shrub roses. Nothing says romance more than a delicious rose.

Foxgloves, these tall spires just keep coming and I love the nostalgia!

Sabious, I adore these pincushion flowers, they dance merrily in an arrangement and have the most attractive seed heads to use in dried arrangements.

Nigella, another one that is gorgeous in petal as it is in green seed heads or completely dried out. Use fresh to add an airy light feel to a bouquet.

Cosmos, I love purity and the double click varieties. Pinch out hard for maximum bushy plants. I use the foliage on these too as it lasts forever and the shade of green is magic! Keep cutting to encourage more flowers and it will bloom quite happily with the dahlias until the first frosts come.

Ammi, my favourite umbel ever, I grow both kinds. It gives a bohemian vibe to arrangements and lasts well as a cut flower. It’s also gorgeous in the flower beds and floats dreamily when used in a border.

So I have lots of favourites but these are the ones that I simply cannot live without. If you are a first time gardener, I really recommend sowing some zinnias, they are so easy and pretty, and you can cut from them for months.



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