Gardening jobs for March.


That was a snowy start to March. I must say it has set me back a little, so there is lots to catch up with now. I really couldn’t believe how much snow settled, my garden is a soggy mess and don’t even get me started on my clay allotment (lots of eye rolling and tutting right now). Still, let us hope that spring is around the corner! Here are the gardening jobs I’m doing right now.

  1. Weeding! As soon as the snow melted I was faced with weeds, lots of the devils. It’s best to get started right away if the ground isn’t frozen.
  2. Sorting out the greenhouse and moving hardy annuals into the cold frame. Oh I do love a cold frame, great for that extra bit of protected space just when you need it! I always like to move things into a cold frame so as to free up room in the greenhouse for sowing new seeds. It also makes it easy to harden off plants as you can lift the lid off.
  3. I get my dahlias out in March, I give them a good check over and remove any signs of mould. I then turn my conservatory into an extra green house as I leave my dahlias out like potatoes for a while before planting. There are so many methods of growing dahlias and if you have the space then I recommend laying them in trays of soil and then take tuber cuttings from the new shoots. However, if space is an issue then planting them in pots a little later will not do them any harm, they will just be later to flower. Please don’t worry over dahlias, just don’t put them outside till all risk of frost has past.
  4. Buy any new seeds that you need, make sure the seeds you buy will be suitable for your garden (check if it’s a sun loving plant etc).
  5. Sow seeds! My favourite bit! I have a free online course in starting a cut flower patch, you can sign up here! I go through my favourite method of growing seeds and how to plan your borders.
  6. Turn compost.
  7. Dig in lots of manure into the beds.
  8. Start watering. As it starts to warm up our plants in the greenhouse will now start to need a drop more water, I like to do this in the morning so they have all day to drink it up. If there is to be a frost then I try not to water on that day.
  9. Tidy borders. Edge if needed.
  10. Make a cup of tea!
  11. Sit back and enjoy the first signs of spring!

Some of the plants I am growing more of this year as I love them so much are: Delphiniums, cornflowers, scabious, stocks, cosmos, ammi, orleya, snap dragons and zinnias. There are lots of others too, I simply can’t name them all. I’d love to know what your favourites are and what you are trying this year!




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