A peek at what’s happening at A Bunch Of Wild HQ.

Hurray the snow is gone, we can finally get down to the business of growing flowers! I haven’t been completely idle whilst it’s been freezing but, there is only so much you can do. This week I’ve started waking up my dahlias. I’m doing things differently this year as I usually pot them all up and start them in the greenhouse, this year there is just too many, so I’m trying something new. I’ve laid out all the tubers onto damp compost in trays. Then I’m waiting till they get eyes, it’s a bit like chitting potatoes. Once they are coming but before they start properly sprouting, I shall plant them straight in the ground and then cover with a good mulch. They should, in theory, warm up with the soil and if we are unfortunate enough to have a hard frost when they are green, you simply cut back the damaged sprouts to the ground and they should throw up new shoots. Of course because I’ve never tried this before, I shall be keeping some tubers back to take cuttings from. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have also been potting up spring bulbs into vintage containers and dotting them around the garden to make it cheerful. I’m also sowing seeds continuously now, these are mostly annuals and will be for cut flowers and plant sales. I’m trying lots of new varieties this year so I’m incredibly excited to see what I end up with.

Today I’ve been tidying up after the snow and snipping off any damaged shoots on my hellebores, I also cut a few surviving blooms to enjoy in the house. It doesn’t yet feel like we’re about to start the season as everything seems so far behind, but nature has a way of catching up and before we know it, everything will be bursting into life and will soon be a riot of colour, I can’t wait!

Our first flower stall is on the 21st of April, we’ll be in our usual spot in Ampthill, on the old market square. Hope to see you there.

Emma & Richard



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