Gardening jobs for February.



Welcome to our newest blog category: Gardening jobs. In these posts I will share with you all the jobs you can be doing in your garden and on your patch. We’re kicking off with February!

I’m not a winter person at all but, I actually quite like February, the evenings are getting lighter, there are buds on the trees and bulbs peeking through and the birds are singing. As I sit here and write this in my garden room I’m looking out to a chilly but bright day and I can see how untidy my own garden is, so, I shall be rolling me sleeves up this weekend and getting on with these jobs:

  1. Cutting back! I shall be cutting back roses and taking out any dead wood, plus cutting back other wayward shrubs that I may of missed in winter.
  2. Sort through seed trays and give them a clean, recycle any that are split and make a note of how many more to order.
  3. Buy seed compost.
  4. Order seeds for this year and sort through existing seeds, discard any that are out of date. If they are in date and have been well looked after and by that I mean kept dry, they should be fine.
  5. Sow sweet peas into toilet roll tubes or root trainers.
  6. Start planning your beds. Look at your seed order and where the plants like to be planted and when they flower, this will help you to decide where to put them.
  7. Make sure you are still putting food out for the birds, I also like to leave garden clippings accessible so the birds can use it to build their nests.
  8. Check hardy annuals that you have sown last year, make sure there are no signs of disease, if some seedlings have brown leaves that look mouldy be quick to pinch them off and bin them! Some seedlings may need potting on, be gentle as you divide them and plant them into damp compost making sure you don’t over water them.


And lastly, enjoy the light, take a moment to wander around the garden with a cuppa and marvel at the tiny shoots appearing.

Emma x


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