January on my flower plot.


I thought I’d share with you what we’re up to at A Bunch Of Wild this January. Well it’s been a bit yuk weather wise hasn’t it, so it hasn’t been the best time to be on our main plot as it’s heavy clay. However a lot of stuff we do starts off at our home and in our cottage garden.

When the rain sets in I take cover in my greenhouse and make sure everything is in order. I’m checking over seedlings to make sure there is no sign of disease and potting on last years seedlings into bigger pots.

I have also been getting the cold frame cleaned out and ready to take the hardy annuals when they’re ready to be moved from the greenhouse.

Today it’s been fine and dry so I’ve been busy tidying up the garden and doing some cutting back. I’m also marking plants I want to move and divide.

On the plot the only thing I can do is plan my rotation of beds which I love doing. I can imagine it all in my head, beautiful and brimming with flowers, even though I’m looking at bare soggy earth.

I’ve ordered some new dahlias to try and some chrysanthemums. Now I’m trying to not go overboard with my seed order. A little tip before you order any seed yourself, check through your old packets of seed and throw away any that look past it. Also make sure what you are ordering suits your soil and lastly make sure you absolutely love it!

Happy gardening.


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