Harvesting seeds

Its been a long summer and our first full year as flower farmers.

Ive been so busy working the patch and selling our flowers at our pop-up stall in Ampthill that I haven’t found time to write a post.

But now we enter into my favourite time of year when things start to calm down and I can quietly plan for the coming years flowers.

In late August early September I collect all the seeds from the plants that I want to grow next year, if these are hardy annuals then I sow them straight away either directly into the ground where they are to flower, or into seed trays and overwintered in the greenhouse.

I only collect the seed that I know I will use, if there is something that I don’t want to bother growing again but, it has an attractive seed head then I leave it for its beautiful structure and winter interest.

Make sure it’s a dry day as you don’t want to be collecting damp seeds or they will rot.

You will need plain envelopes that you can easily label.

It is quite satisfying collecting free seeds from your own plants on a warmish afternoon with a cup of tea and the sound of the birds, the season is shifting slightly and we’re neither summer nor autumn but the air smells different and you can almost feel things calming down around you.

If not sowing straight away, store in envelopes in a dark dry place till needed.

Good luck and enjoy.


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