Photography for florists


So I did my first workshop the other day!

It has been a real dream of mine to help others in a creative way and deliver workshops to creative people, so I was thrilled to bits when

The Cambridge Flower School got in touch to ask if I fancied running some workshops.

My more confident self after a glass of wine jumped at the chance, my less confident self the morning of the workshop was another story, I’m not a natural extrovert.

But I know I can’t spend my whole life hiding in my flower beds and I had such an urge to help fellow florists, so I gave myself a good talking to, listened to some dance music (who knew that would help) and grabbed lots of props and beautiful flowers, and set off to Cambridge.

I love this shot above of Rebecca styling her mini shoot.

We spent a lovely hour learning how to find our inner floral signature style, and put together a story shoot with lots of gorgeous blooms and pretty props.

Then came the moment when everyone took their cameras off auto.

It was great teaching and showing how to use the settings on your camera by doing, and by the end of the day everyone was confidently faffing with flowers and working their cameras.

As for my nerves… well it took me five minutes to get over them lol

Am I doing more?

I can now say that I well and truly have the workshop bug!

We have put another course up for July (TBC) again photography for florists taking your big camera off auto.

And we are also looking at dates to run this course for camera phones, where we will explore our phones in greater detail and play with the best photography apps.

I’m also planning some smaller workshops in Bedfordshire where anyone can come and use my flowers and props and practice their photography skills.

This class will be very informal with lots of tea and cake, and a chance to meet like minded people, and just spend a couple of hours loosing yourself in the creative moment.

Right I’m off now to plant out the dahlias and relax in the flower beds.

If you fancy joining any of my workshops you can subscribe on my blog and you’ll be the first to know dates and have priority to book.

Emma x


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