Look after yourself



So this is very much a post of  ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

I’ve had my plot for just under two weeks now and I’ve gone at it like a crazed flower growing woman.

Clearing, digging, tidying, more digging… you get my drift.

Anyhoo yesterday whilst doing the laundry of all things I managed to put my back out.

Hu, I thought, how unfair is that? I’ve done all this work on my allotment and the laundry knocks me off my feet…

It didn’t take long for the penny to drop and I realised the laundry was quite literally the last straw that broke the camels back.

So instead of getting on my plot today I’m ordering my weight in seeds and working on the little things I need in order to do my first farmers market- Eeeek exciting.

Other than the above it’s got me thinking that I really need to look after myself more, after all you wouldn’t go running without warning up first would you.

I did some very gentle yoga stretches this morning and I’ve realised that really I should be doing these everyday.

I’ve also learned that you need to warm up before doing an active job, so some gentle stretches before work for me is now a must.

Another really important one is to eat a good meal and let it digest properly before leaping into action, this will keep energy up.

Try slow burning foods and eat fruit for it’s natural sugars.

Lastly drink plenty of fluid!

Always remember to take water with you when you’re doing any kind of manual work.

Now I’m going to try to practice my preaching 

Have a great day.



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