Whats growing, January

Hello everyone,
So January can’t seem to decide if it wants to snow, rain or turn into the mildest January ever, despite all this everything that is growing at A Bunch Of Wild HQ is remaining perky.
Each month I will do a post update with what we are growing right down to the seeds we’re sowing and the roses that are in the ground.

Also when things start blooming I will do a weekly post on whats in flower and what you can expect to buy at our garden gate.

So we have a few hardy annuals that I started off last September, they are- ammi, nigella, corn flowers, larkspur, orlaya, chinese forget me not and scabious.
There are probably some other things nestled in the green house that I’ve forgotten to mention.

For spring i’ve planted some really beautiful varieties of tulips, narcissi, ranunculus, anemone, alliums and wall flowers.

And our forever flowers…
Roses, salvias, mint, oregano, sage, bay, clematis, eucalyptus, lavender and much more.

I’m really excited to see the ranunculus and anemone we’re growing as it’s the first year i’ve grown them on mass and they are all in bushy leaf, fingers crossed for them!

Pop by next month to see what we will be sowing in Feb!



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