Natural silk dying.

I’ve been busy working on brand design for the imminent launch of A Bunch Of Wild and I thought it would be a nice touch to tie my large bouquets with silk scarves.

I had a go at dying a pure white scarf with blackberries and lavender, this is how I did it:

In a ceramic dish I added a couple of handfuls of last years foraged blackberries and a couple of sprigs of lavender plus a good pinch of salt, I then covered everything with boiling water.


I twisted my scarf and submerged it whilst squeezing it down into the fruit with a potato masher, I then went away and forgot about it for three hours. 

I thoroughly rinsed it in cool water until it ran clear.

I’m utterly chuffed to bits with the result and will try some more natural dyes like the onion skins and avocado.

I’m sure if I’d of been more patient and left it longer it would of taken a lot darker.

Have a play about see how you get on, let me know how it goes.

Emma x  


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