Cottage style bouquet

It’s always a challenge when you’re given flowers to work with that just aren’t you.

My floristry teacher said this would happen so gave me the task of putting together a wedding bouquet with things I can’t even bring myself to mention *shudder* lots of red *shudder*.

Anyway I did it, it looked beautiful (in her eyes not mine), and I’m not showing it to you as I’ve decided I’m actually quite a diva in my new trade!

But what I will share with you is the after pics, that is after I got it home took it to pieces and removed all red and ugly stuff from it then re-did it my way…. Tadaaah 

One thing I’ve learned in life is that everyone has a natural style in everything they do. And I’m sticking to it in my new venture! A Bunch Of Wild is about a very naturalistic, seasonal and obviously wild approach to floristry. I feel (and hope) that by sticking to my natural style that this will encourage people to me that seek out this particular look. For example if you want a tight bunch of red roses I’m not your gal (not even on Valentine’s Day!)

I love the free way in which this little hand tied bouquet moves, I LOVE MOVEMENT!

The eucalyptus and ammi give it a very delicate lightness, the roses bring colour and romance, and the succulents add a quirky modern touch.

The look is finished off with a silk scarf that I dyed using blackberries, I will do a little tutorial on this later in the week.

I’m off to strut my diva stuff in the flower beds!

Have a fab week!



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