My cutting garden in August.


The cutting garden is a riot of colour! I’m usually a pastel person but in August I like my flowers HOT! This is because they are actually better at dealing with heat and the light catching them makes them absolutely stunning!

So what is in flower I hear you ask…

Well, I’m still cutting sweet-peas every day, these are sold at the garden gate.

My dahlias have just started to open too, I’ve had the small pompom ones out for a few weeks but it’s alway Avignon I get excited about! A huge flower the size of a dinner plate in the most striking purple/pink.

I’m also pretty excited as I’ve grown Cafe au lait as a trial this year, it’s the same shape and size as the Avignon, but it’s a soft cream/peach. 

The Cafe au lait is also the flower that brides are going crazy for this year (and I predict next yr too), my small test crop have already been reserved by a fellow florist who’s doing a wedding in two weeks! So my big girls need to look blooming lovely for then.

I can never promise a bride a specific flower that I’m growing for a certain date, but us flower growers will do our best to network to see if anyone else has any blooming. I feel the beauty is in the season, and once all blooms have been collected and arranged you’ll never see anything more beautiful and natural.


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