Looking after cut flowers

Our home grown flowers are grown for their seasonal beauty and often smell amazing!

The reason they still smell nice is because they are not treated with chemicals like nearly all imported flowers.

Imported flowers are treated with lots of nasty chemicals to make them last longer but, even though they may be sitting in a vase for three weeks they are a little boring and uniform.

Our British cut flowers have been treated with ladybirds and chickens.

To keep them looking their best we recommend the following recipe which we use in our own home.

Get your flowers home as soon as possible!

Snip the ends and plunge into tepid water for at least a couple of hours to condition them.

When you are ready to arrange your flowers, fill your jug/vase with tepid water (not cold).

Add 1tsp of sugar and 1tsp of thin bleach, stir carefully.

The sugar boosts the sugar content in your flowers and the tiny bit of bleach helps kill any bacteria.

Bacteria causes flowers to die prematurely.

You should change the flower water every other day for best results.

Please be aware that some flowers do not last as long as others and we just need to enjoy their fleeting beauty.

For further tips please see our blog.